This New Smartwatch Claims to Have a Two-Year Battery Life

That’s 730 days between charges.


Gligo is a hybrid smartwatch that’s been wildly successful on Indiegogo. It has a number of neat features — e-ink display, heart-rate sensor, minimalist and waterproof design — but it most notably has a two-year battery life. Hybrid smartwatches are known for their long battery life, but two years is ridiculous. That’s 730 days it can go between charges.

The secret sauce to Gligo is its unique dual-core design. It has both an e-ink display, to show smartwatch things (like call alerts, app notifications and health tracking), and a quartz core, so that it still looks and works like an analog watch, with moving hands for the hour and minutes. This dual design makes the Gligo really energy-efficient. (Although the e-ink screen has a battery life of up to 180 days. If it dies, the quartz movement will still work.)

You get the choice of either partnering Gligo with a leather or stainless steel watch strap. It’s still currently in its crowdfunding phase, with shipping expected to start as early as September 2018.

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