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Audez’e LCD-2 Headphones

Ahead Phones


Using planar magnetic technology, essentially a thin-film diaphragm housed between two magnetic structures, and an arsenal of knowledge pooled from a cache of industry sound engineers Audez’e (pronounced “odyssey”) has managed to create what might be the smoothest pair of headphones we’ve ever auditioned. Sure, the Audez’e LCD-2 Headphones ($945) may cost a pretty penny, but that’s what you get for a bewilderingly smooth response across the board, adding no distortion or interference with source material (ours: The Social Network soundtrack, uncompressed) make them the perfect litmus to re-hear your entire setup and music collection. Mighty bass, revealing mid-range and accurate sound make them immensely enjoyable to listen to, actively or passively, for multi-hour jam sessions. As for the looks? Well, we’ll let the Caribbean Rosewood, lambskin leather, and retro-can aesthetics do the talking.

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