These Magnetic Universal Charging Cords Will Be the Last You Ever Need

The Volta Original Cable and the Volta XL charging cords offer universal charging capabilities with the addition of SafeMag magnetic cords.


Having a power cord for a laptop that doesn’t bend or do damage to the charging port when the cord gets pulled makes sense — releasing via magnetism is a much smarter operation for the safety of your device. This practical feature was made widely available in Apple’s laptops before the tech giant eventually did away with what it called MagSafe in favor of the Lightning port. The technology of magnetically attached power adaptors was not a new invention but Apple brought it to the masses and demonstrated its immense value for any device.

While Apple may no longer be using MagSafe charging it does not mean the pragmatism of a magnetically attached charger has simply vanished for something smarter, which is why Volta has based its USB-C charging cables for mobile and personal devices on this same sort of thinking. But Volta took things one step further for its SnagSafe cords by building them to be universal and fast charging.

The universal charging cords come with three adaptor tips that connect magnetically to the cord. The cables offer a USB on one end and an open magnet on the other for the connector tips. These three connector tips can turn the open end into a USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB cable to ensure you can charge just about any mobile device.

Volta’s latest release, the Volta XL ($35), builds upon the Original Cable ($23) with more power transfer — it supports 87-watt USB-C power adapter charging for laptops and other devices for 70-percent faster charging than a 5-watt charging cable. The Volta XL is compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel XL or any USB-C devices.

Charging faster aside, the Volta XL also offers a Smart LED indicator similar to the MacBook itself to let you know the charge status of your device. Most importantly though is the security and easy detachability that comes with a magnetic charger. Volta does plan on adding Lightning connectors for the new Volta XL, as well offering an update on the Original Cable with the Volta2.0 this month. So those of you who lamented the removal of this handy function from your Apple laptop can soon look forward to it returning via the Volta XL.

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