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Roku LT

Boxed and Loaded


The entry point for accessing any kind of streaming media service on your TV just got even lower. For $50, Roku’s new LT model can stream over 300 different content services in 720p to virtually any TV out there. All you really need to care about though is Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Pandora, EPIX, Disney (for the kids), and HBO GO. You read that last part right — Roku is the first streaming box maker out there to support HBO GO’s treasure trove of TV goodness, so you can finally stop paying for that subscription of HBO On Demand. Purple wasn’t the best choice in our books, but we’ll let our entertainment centers take the hit on this one in exchange for cutting the cord.

Editor’s Note: HBO GO is coming to all of Roku’s second generation line of streamers, so if you’ve already bought one, you win. Also, if you’re willing to pay $10 more, the Roku 2 HD gives you an SD card reader and Bluetooth connectivity for motion controlled gaming.

Buy Now: $50 (Available November)

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