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Twelve South PlugBug

Double Duty

Twelve South

The third rule of Roadgo Dynamics dictates that the more gadgets you own, the more power cables you’re saddled with when it’s time to travel. Upon your arrival, finding enough available wall outlets is then about as easy as telling your better half she’s gained weight. The fine mac accessory makers at Twelve South have just made life on the go a little smoother though for Apple nuts with their new PlugBug ($35) piggy-backing power adapter. On its own, the powerful 10W USB wall charger can juice iPhones, iPods, and even the power gulping iPad, which requires twice the power of the typical USB. The real secret sauce, however, is its ability to combine with any MacBook power adapter to fuel both a laptop and iDevice while monopolizing just one wall outlet. Available only in red, it may not match the rest of your Cupertino gear, but at least it’ll standout on the ocean of taupe hotel walls, decreasing your odds of leaving it behind the morning after those lubricated company dinners.

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