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This Company Wants to Make Sure You Never Lose Another Pair of Headphones

Finding lost gear is about to get a hell of a lot simpler.


Launched in 2013, Tile makes business-card-size tags that find lost wallets, phones and anything else they’ll attach to. But because Tile is a physical thing you need to keep close to to the thing you want to be located, it isn’t a feasible solution for items without keychains or pocket space. That is, until this year.

Announced today at CES, Tile will partner with a number of Bluetooth Low Energy chipmakers to integrate its tracking tech into a bunch of consumer electronics. Companies named in the partnership announcement include Anker, Qualcomm, Sennheiser, Silicon Labs, Toshiba, Sol Republic, Plantronics and more. This means you won’t have to buy a Tile and physically connect it; rather, the electronics will have the tracking technology built-in.

The old and new Tile trackers will work in the same way: you set your Tile as “Lost” on its app and Tile uses any device with the app installed to locate items via Bluetooth. It crowdsources all Tile users to locate your lost stuff — so more users equals more search power.

No specific products were named in the announcement, but it’s fair to say Tile is making a play to be the lost and found of the future.

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