One of the Year’s Best New Gadgets? A Smart Peephole

Ring showed up to CES with more than a dozen new smart home gadgets, but none are as promising as a smart peephole.


Ring, an Amazon-owned company that makes smart home security products, unveiled a whopping 13 new products at this year’s CES. Among the smart smoke detectors, doorbells and outdoor lights is an unlikely sleeper hit — a smart peephole.

The Ring Door View Cam replaces the peephole in your apartment’s front door with an HD camera that alerts you when someone is, or has been, at your door. If a visitor or delivery person knocks on the door, you’ll receive a push notification via Ring’s app. From there, you’re able to view a live HD feed from the device’s camera and, if you so choose, speak with the visitor. It accomplishes its goal through a combination of motion detection, impact sensors (for a knock at the door) and a doorbell button under the camera.

The device is battery-powered and requires no wiring or professional installation. For those concerned about receiving notifications all day due to busy apartment hallways, you can adjust the parameters required for Ring’s app to send you a notification through the app’s Smart Alerts function.

This technology isn’t necessarily new — we’ve seen plenty of smart doorbells and motion-sensitive cameras in the past, but we’ve yet to see it applied to products that are apartment, dorm and condo-friendly.

As is the case with most smart home security, some features are behind a subscription paywall (namely the ability to view recorded video). The Ring Door View Cam will retail for $199 when available in the US later this year.

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