Want to Learn a New Skill Quicker? These Futuristic Headphones Will Help

Neuropriming is the next big thing in fitness. Just twenty minutes of a small electrical shock to your brain and you’re ready to learn something new.


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Halo Neuroscience launched a new version of its headphones, which might seem normal considering it’s where most new tech products launch. You might think that these are just another pair of headphones, but Halo Sport doesn’t just let you listen to music. The headphones prime your brain to help you develop muscle memory faster, thus helping you lift heavier weights and learn new movement patterns. The Halo Sport 2 is an updated version of the original headphones, just with higher audio quality via Bluetooth audio (the previous version used wires), and the Primer form factor changed, so the entire process is more straightforward than before. Plus, you can order the headphones for $299 during pre-sale, which is $200 less than the previous version.

All you have to do as a user is charge the headphones, wet the primers (spikey comb-like pads that magnetize to the top of the headphones) and wear for 20 minutes. During usage, Halo Sport sends a small electric current to a specific area of the brain that controls movement, hence why the brand has seen success with athletes and the military. We’ve tested the Halo Sport a handful of times, and the shock isn’t anything intense, plus the more you do it, the more your body gets used to it. It doesn’t hurt at all.

The goal behind neuropriming is to get your body to do more in less time. It’s supposed to help musicians learn pieces of music faster, can prep your brain to pick up a new language and aid with muscle recovery. Halo Sport has over 15 years of research to back it up as well as 4,000 peer-reviewed papers, but it’s still not commonly recognized. Wearing version one of these headphones on the subway didn’t make for any strange looks, but that’s likely because they look like regular over-ear headphones. Stay tuned for a full-length review of these new and improved headphones and how they work.

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