This Special Cable Is the Hi-Fi Upgrade Your iPhone Needs

This Lightning cable has an integrated DAC and headphone amp built right into it. If you have an iPhone and still used wired headphones, get this.


The SpeakEasy is one of the latest headphone accessories by V-Moda, the audio company best known for its Crossfade line headphones, which DJs adore. It’s a Lightning cable with an integrated amp and 24-bit DAC, so it’s specifically designed to improve the audio on your iPhone or iPad (if you’re listening to wired headphones).

If you don’t already know, the built-in DAC in your iPhone isn’t the best. Actually, many Android makers — like LG and Samsung — have targeted this fact and marketed their latest smartphones to promote as better devices for audiophiles and people who just generally value better sound quality. Now, V-Moda’s simple and fairly inexpensive accessory can fix all that.

The SpeakEasy won’t work with wireless headphones like AirPods, but if you’re still holding on to your favorite wired headphones, this might just be the upgrade your iPhone needs. It’s available right now on V-Moda’s website in two colors: black or grey.

Buy Now: $101

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