Gmail’s Former Lead Designer Made a Free Chrome Extension That Simplifies Your Inbox in Seconds

Simplify is a new Chrome extension that gives Gmail a new, clean look.


Simplify is a Chrome extension that essentially puts a new coat of paint on Gmail, shifts a few things around and generally reduces clutter. With it, Gmail becomes cleaner and simpler to use.

Simplify doesn’t change Gmail’s functionality in any way, so there’s no learning curve. It merely hides the lefthand sidebar, moves the compose button to the bottom of the screen and replaces the search bar with an icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

For the masses of people who have returned to Gmail from the now-defunct Inbox, Simplify could be a real godsend. In fact, that’s exactly who it was created for; Simplify was made by Michael Leggett, the lead designer for Gmail from 2008 to 2012 and the pioneer behind Inbox. (Check out Fast Company‘s interview with Leggett, here.)

Simplify is a free Chrome extension and takes a matter of seconds to try.

Learn More: Here

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