Simple.TV DVR

Cut the cord, keep the convenience


The Simple.TV is aimed at frugal households looking to save on cable costs without missing their generic investigative dramas. After connecting to a coax cable or HD antenna, a USB hard drive, and a home network, the device allows users to watch live shows in 1080p on their main TV, as well as on a host of other electronic devices via free apps for the iPad, Roku Boxes, Boxee, and Google TV. It also enables all of the basic functions you’d expect from a typical DVR including an electronic channel guide and the ability to pause or record content. As of now, the Simple.TV only includes one HD tuner, though, so those interested in recording multiple channels at once will have to shell out for two boxes for that kind of luxury. Overall, the Simple.TV doesn’t out gun higher end hardware provided by satellite or cable provides, or even customized home theater PCs. But given its low cost, easy setup, and cutting-edge streaming abilities, it still has promise.

Buy Now: $149 + $5 monthly service charge

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