Your Favorite Electric Skateboard Company Just Made a Super-Cool Scooter

Boosted is moving beyond skateboards.


The Boosted Rev is the first electric scooter by Boosted, the company best known for its excellent electric skateboards and longboards. The new scooter utilizes the same electric drivetrain technology as Boosted’s electric boards, but it has some obvious design updates that come with a scooter. It has handlebars, a rugged frame, an advanced mechanical braking system and custom-made wide tires. There’s even a screen on the handlebars that tells you how fast you’re going. The Boosted Rev is available for pre-order now for $1,599, and it’s expected to ship this coming summer.

The most obvious competitor to the Boosted Rev is the Bird One ($1,299), an electric scooter that’s also available to pre-order and expected to ship this summer. The Bird One is the cheaper and slightly lighter option, plus it can actually go further — 30 miles rather 22 miles on a single charge — but the Boosted Rev definitely has some key advantages to warrant the uptick in price.

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The Rev is foldable, first of all, which is a big deal for anybody tight on storage space. It also has dual motors, one to power each wheel, so the Boosted Rev can accelerate faster and top out at a higher speed: 24 mph versus the Bird One’s 18 mph. It also has a more elaborate braking system that supposedly feels smoother and safer.

The jump to electric scooters is an exciting one, not just because the Boosted Rev looks like a great option for short-distance commuters (and anybody else who wants something fun to ride), but it shows that the company is moving onto different things besides electric boards. The only question more pressing than how well the Rev rides, is what they’re going to be onto next.

Pre-Order: $1,599

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