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This Multi-Phone Wireless Charger Is What AirPower Could Have Been

It’s sort of like AirPower, or what AirPower should have been, but in vertical stand form.


The Source is a first-of-its-kind Qi wireless charger by Spansive. It’s a vertical charger, not too dissimilar from the myriad vertical charging stands you have seen, but it’s designed to charge multiple smartphones. Its teepee design allows it to wirelessly charge four smartphones simultaneously, plus there are two USB-A ports on the side so you can charge a total of six devices at once. It’s sort of like AirPower, or what AirPower should have been, but in vertical stand form.

This new charging solution is unique in a few other ways. Most importantly, it’s able to charge smartphones with rugged cases, like an Otterbox, and smartphones with PopSockets or similar attached accessories. Traditional wireless charging stands and pads can’t do this. Additionally, Spansive claims that the Source is future-proof. It has built-in Wi-Fi and will automatically update to add new features and support for new phones.

It’s important to note that Spansive doesn’t solve all the problems that AirPower promised. Since it’s a Qi wireless charger, it won’t be able to charge an Apple Watch. Also, it works with several inductive coils and devices that don’t line-up with the coils won’t be able to charge. That means, unfortunately, the new wireless charging AirPod case probably won’t be able to rest on Source and charge.

At $189, the Source is pretty darn expensive, especially considering that you can probably get six or more wireless charging stands for that price. But it’s designed as an all-in-one charging solution for family homes or the office, and it only takes up one wall outlet.

Source is available to buy right now. It comes in two colors: charcoal or white.

Buy Now: $189

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