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Hasselblad’s Lovable, Neo-Retro 907X Makes No Sense And I Want It

This goofy miniature medium format camera isn’t particularly useful, but it is adorable.


Look at this thing! Hasselblad had an actual product release today with the slightly updated, slightly improved, significantly price-reduced X1D II but they also snuck a development announcement of this little guy — affectionately dubbed the 907X — into the press release.


Technically it’s two things. The CFV II 50c digital back — basically everything west of the strap mount in the above photo — houses the sensor, processor, battery and really everything that makes this a digital camera. It’s removable, and can be mounted to any of the many Hasselblad V-system cameras since the late 50’s. It’s also got an articulating rear touchscreen that’ll allow a quasi-top down shooting experience, just like the ground glass top-down viewfinders of old (no word if the image will be reversed like its analog counterpart). The “camera” itself is really that tiny sliver of stuff (including the classically mounted shutter button) between the digital back and the lens. Lens-wise, it’ll use the leaf shuttered, electronically powered, autofocusing X-series lenses — same as the X1D and X1D II.

That’s it. That’s all we know for now. The CFV is a reasonably practical bit of kit that pros wedded to their old Hasselblads will likely buy but the 907x kind of baffles me. It’s most of the tech of the X1D II in a significantly less convenient package, but hey, look at that chrome. More information will come later in the year but all we can do now is marvel at its cute-ness and try not to think of the 5-figure price.

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