Jony Ive is Leaving Apple. Here Is a Look Back at His Last Projects

Apple’s chief design officer is striking out on his own. Here is what we thought of his most recent projects.


After yesterday’s announcement of Jony Ive’s impending departure as Apple’s chief design officer, we dug through our archives to look over recent reviews of the superlative designer’s work.

While most highlights of Ive’s long tenure as an Apple employee include his work on the early iterations of the iPod, iPhone and MacBook products, it’s striking how large an impact he and Apple have had in the very recent past: the notched iPhone, the Apple Watch 4, and of course AirPods may very well end up being as significant as that earlier work. Read our reviews below and judge for yourself.

Apple AirPods 2 Review: Subtle Improvements but a Worthy Upgrade

The look and feel are the same. With the new AirPods, the big differences are all on the inside.

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Review: The New Apple Watch Is the Best Smartwatch You Can Buy, And That Might Be Its Only Problem

The Series 4 is the first Apple Watch to have a real hardware redesign.

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iPad OS Is Transforming the iPad Into a Laptop

Apple is making big changes to the way we use iPads.

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This Is the MacBook to Buy Right Now

Two years too late, but the MacBook Air is proof that dreams do come true.

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Why the iPad Mini Just Won’t Die

Behind the scenes, the iPad Mini has quietly become one of Apple's most pervasive — and beloved — products.

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The Excellent iPhone XR Isn’t the Sacrifice You Think It Is

It's uncannily similar to the iPhone XS, but $250 cheaper. And the tradeoffs – you probably won't care about them.

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