This Wireless Headphone Adapter Is a Game-Changing Travel Gadget

Because you might as well use your nice noise-cancelling headphones to watch those in-flight movies, right?


Your expensive, noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are completely worthless if you can’t connect them, and if you’re trying to watch an in-flight movie, a 3.5mm jack is typically your only option. The Wireless Flight Adapter from RHA is designed to get you out of that jam, with the ability to broadcast a Bluetooth 5 signal from traditional jack for up to 16 hours on a charge.

The Wireless Flight Adapter isn’t limited to air travel use, though that’s clearly the biggest draw. Other gadgets with a headphone jack but no Bluetooth (looking at you, Nintendo Switch) would stand to benefit from its use as well. It’s available today from RHA’s website for $50.

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