This Super Cool Smart Light Can Emit Many Colors At Once

It’s the first time that a single LED bulb has been able to do this.


Lifx just announced a pretty neat smart bulb that’s compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and is designed to look like a candle, hence its name: the Lifx Candle Colour ($45). The innovative thing about the Candle Colour is that it’s the industry’s first to feature Polychrome technology, which allows it to emit multiple colors at the same time. Lifx has used this technology in its multiple LED light strips, like the Z LED Strip ($90), but this is the first time its been used in a single LED bulb.

According to the company, the Candle Colour is capable of emitting over 16 million colors and various white light temperatures. This means you can customize the light to create any kind of ambiance and thus set the ideal mood for a room. Because of the size and unique look of the Candle Bulb, it’s probably best to be used on a nightstand or with a bedside lamp. The fact that it’s HomeKit compatible means, if you have an iPhone, iPad or HomePod, you can control the light with your voice using Siri.

If you’re in the market for smart lights, one of the main reasons to go smart lights by Lifx is that they don’t require a hub (like Phillips Hue) to get started – you just buy one of their bulbs and you’re ready to rock.

The Lifx Candle Colour will be available for purchase this coming October.

There is no direct link to the product at the time of posting this article.

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