P3 Amplifiers

Turning it up to 11 starts with 3


An all-tube, hand-wired P3 Guitar Amplifier ($650+) isn’t just a nostalgic replica designed to look liked a bad-ass amp from the golden age of rock. It’s built like one too, which means blasting out loud, clear tones, no matter how hard they’re driven or clumsily treated by a half-cocked roadie.

Unlike frailer mass-produced amplifiers of the modern era, P3’s are totally free of assembly-line printed circuit boards. Each connection is hand-wired point-to-point that gives the amp a disctinct advantage of not only better, more reliable sound, but also the ability to be easily fixed and modified. Featuring the best of 60 years worth of tube circuitry evolution, each P3 is made to order and remarkably customizable. And these rugged amps are designed to last too — encased in a military-grade modular aluminum chassis. If they ever do get damaged though, each piece is easily repairable or replacable. The alternative, of course, is going with an actual amp from the roaring 60’s, just don’t blame us for any subsequent failures and/or deadly explosions half way through your Eruption solo.

Buy Now: $650+

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