IronKey Enterprise Flash Drive

The World's Most Secure Flash Drive


The great thing about a flash drives is that they do exactly what we need them to do – transport data quickly and conveniently via small, ultra-portable packages. Throw them on a lanyard, keychain, or just stuff them in your bag or pocket.


So what about security? While losing a flash drive can be annoying, they’re cheap and easy to replace. However, the problem usually isn’t the cost or convenience of replacement, but rather the privacy of the data contained therein. We simply don’t want those files to become public. If the data you’re carrying on that drive is sensitive, how can you prevent someone from plugging it in to their computer and viewing your files? Most of the time you can’t.

If you’re looking for a solution to keep those files safe in transport, then the IronKey Enterprise is your best bet. Developed for military and government use, this device is billed as the world’s most secure flash drive, boasting several features you don’t typically find in your everyday portable storage device.

Here’s a few of it’s key features (from IronKey):

  • Always-on hardware encryption with no software or drivers to install
  • Active anti-malware protection
  • Centralized remote administration of IronKey drives—securely online or with an optional onsite virtual server
  • Remotely disable or destruct rogue drives
  • Enforce security policies such as password length and strength
  • RSA SecurID ready
  • Full cryptographic capabilities include embedded Public Key Infrastructure and digital certificates
  • Provides a high-speed and reliable platform for virtual machines

    My favorite feature? The self-destruct mechanism – input an incorrect password 10 times and the IronKey initiates a self-destruct sequence that permanently erases the encryption keys and data.

    Cost: $79 – $299 @ IronKey

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