Wiebetech Drive eRazer Ultra

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Hard Drive


If you’re getting rid of an old computer, be very careful about the data that you leave behind on the hard drive. Having someone steal your social security and credit card numbers would be bad enough, but think of what would happen if someone got a look at something much worse — like a glance at your browser history.

Don’t take that chance. Merely deleting files or reformatting does not actually delete anything from your computer, and any hacker who knows his bytes from his bits will easily be able to recover them quickly. To get your machine super clean, get the Drive eRazer Ultra ($250) by WeibeTech, a stand-alone hardware device that will write zeros over every single bit on your drive. When it’s done, there’s simply nothing left to recover and, unlike other modes of wiping your data, the eRazer will not destroy the hard drive (just everything on it). It even has a “Department of Defense spec erase method” and works with nearly all computers and operating systems.

This could be one of your most important purchases you ever make when you think about the potential consequences of having your computer’s entire history fall into the hands of someone who could do real damage with it — like your wife.

Buy Now: $250

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