Eclipse TD508 Mk3 Speakers

Sound, barrier


If these speaker look like they belong on the side of a jet fighter, then you haven’t heard anything yet. Despite their stratospheric look, the Eclipse TD508 Mk3 can faithfully mimic the sounds of terra-bound sonics using a proprietary Time Domain technology that ensures listeners are ensconced in the heart of a live performance — every breath, instrument and note attaining its own presence.

Of course good form always follows good function, and the egg-like design of the speakers are a testament to that mantra. By adopting a curved, oval like structure, the level of internal volume is upped while eliminating the transmission of any unwanted vibrations. In layman’s terms, no more of those crunchy, static noises that usually occur when you pump up the volume. Available in silver, black and white, the Eclipse TD508 Mk3’s are sure to look gorgeous anywhere you put them. With the use of a special bracket, they can be easily mounted to any wall, ceiling or dedicated fixing kit for optimum sound projection. And hey, if you do happen to have a jet fighter in your garage, we’re sure they’ll fit there too.

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