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Logitech Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors

Sound, your way


There are custom headphones and there are custom headphones. With Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors ($1,999), the bar has officially been raised on what should be considered top-notch audio personalization. Not only can you decide on every detail right down to the a choice of four wood veneers, but the specific fit and sound of the Reference Monitors are also designed specifically for you through a detailed customer acquisition process with your very own dedicated specialist.

From there, you can tinker with the specific sound of the headphones with the mad-scientist Personal Reference Tuning Box — also included in the package. Freely adjust the independent frequencies through a proprietary five-armature design, and in a few moments you’ll be rocking out to tunes, exactly how you want them, in no time at all. Also comes with cleaning tool and custom-engraved (naturally) carrying case.

Buy Now: $1,999

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