Kickstarter: TAKTIK iPhone Case

Protection of the highest order


If you could roll all of RoboCop’s awesome features — immense protection, smarts, reliability, durability, prime directives — into an iPhone case, what you’d end up with is the TAKTIK ($75+).

Designed by Chicago industrial designer Scott Wilson + Minimal, of LUNATIK Strap fame, the TAKTIK follows in its predecessors roots through a Kickstarter project offering. Simply put, the TAKTIK combines mechanically-ambitious design with extraordinary functionality to provide one of the most comprehensive protection-grade iPhone cases available on the market.

Like Alex Murphy’s metallurgically-inclined uniform, the TAKTIK adds considerable girth to Jony Ive’s svelte creation, but for all the right reasons. Resistant to falls, dust, water yet pervious to antenna signals, peripherals and the camera, it’s a case designed for the active lifestyle, taking into consideration all the things you don’t want to. Using its patent-pending 9mm (the non auto-gun kind) Impact Truss silicone perimeter, the case can handle just about anything your life can (or likely will) throw at it. There’s even an optional bike holster and mount.

Minimal also offers a Gorilla Glass upgrade, which thanks to its super durable consistency, provides 360 degrees of protection. As you would expect from great design, all the ports and buttons are easily accessible with the necessary safeguarding to make them completely impervious to the elements. Now about that fourth prime directive…

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