Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

The heat is on


The Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera is the latest entry in the company’s long line of instant gratification shooters. It combines an SD compatible digital camera, HD video camera and, naturally, a printer into one pocketable device that puts your parents’ Land 210 to shame.

Don’t worry about about refilling — or paying — for ink cartridges. The integrated printer uses ZINK Zero 2″ x 3″ paper (10 sheets are included) embedded with heat-activated color crystals, which create vibrant color photos that print in under a minute. Prior to printing, you can crop and frame, select custom borders — Instagram style — or even print in black and white. Each ZINK sheet is water, smudge and tear resistant and comes with a sticky back you can use to throw up on the wall or in an album. Best of all, unlike their digital counterparts — they can’t be Googled by your boss.

Buy Now: $160 (Available August 15th)

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