Aperion Audio Intimus 4T Summit Wireless System

Pro sound, amateur setup


The thought of cleanly wiring an audiophile-grade home theater system has deterred many a man-cave-pimper, until now. The Aperion Audio Intimus 4T Summit Wireless System ($2,999+) is so simple to set up, you don’t even need a receiver. Instead, each of the seven speakers and the subwoofer houses an individual digital receiver and dual amplifiers. The autonomous speakers, in turn, connect with Aperion’s Wireless Home Theater One Preamp Transmitter, which detects speaker placement throughout the room and optimizes the sound accordingly.

All that’s left in the hands of skittish buyers is plugging in A/V sources, connecting the speakers to power and pressing a button to kick in the automatic system configuration. More importantly, this setup doesn’t come at the cost of sound quality, since the transmission link handles audiophile-grade 24-bit signals. Sure, you’ll pay a premium for the convenience, but between not shelling out for a receiver or a professional installer, it’s a better deal than you think.

Buy Now: 5.1 $2,999 | 7.1 $3,500

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