Red Epic-M Monochrome

Black and white and Red all over


What’s black and white and Red all over? The Red Epic-M Monochrome ($42,000). A technical auteur’s delight — director David Fincher is already shooting with it, of course — the brain (body in Red parlance) is based around the newly developed Mysterium-X Monochrome sensor. The sensor, which boasts a native ISO (ASA) 2000, double the Epic-M or X, reaches new imaging heights thanks in part to an absence of color debayering; removing the need to read RGB data means each of the sensor’s pixels can more effectively capture luminance and image data. The camera also features a new low-pass filter to help deal with all that extra resolution, and further future-proofing also includes a free upgrade to the new Dragon Monochrome Sensor, which is slated to be released next year. Now, if you’re looking to just shoot B&W stills, you can save yourself $34,000 and pick up a Leica M Monochrom or two.

Buy Now: $42,000 (Pre-Order, October 1st)

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