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Whatever You Do, Don’t Clean Apple’s Fanciest Display With Water!

Getting Apple’s most advanced Pro Display XDR? You better not lose its special polishing cloth.


If you decide to kit out your new Mac Pro with Apple’s ludicrous 32-inch Retina 6K Pro Display XDR with “nano-texture glass” for a $5,999 grand total that is as much as an entry level Mac Pro itself, there’s something you should know before you unpack it: do not lose the polishing cloth. According to Apple, it is the only cloth that should ever touch the display.

A support document for the Pro Display XDR posted on Apple’s website cautions strongly against using just any old rag on the display or, god forbid, water warning: “Don’t add water or use other liquids to clean the nano-texture glass. Never use any other cloths to clean the nano-texture glass.”

If you lose the cloth, you can order another through Apple. Or you could try a normal cloth, which might work just fine! That is, if you’re willing to bet six grand on that hunch.

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