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Riding your bike in the dark on city streets is an activity best reserved for those with a death wish. The Monocle is an inexpensive and ingenious way to avoid becoming street pizza. You’ve spent plenty of money on your iPhone; why not use it as a bike light, too?

The Monocle, which is made of abrasion-resistant synthetic webbing, fits onto the back of your belt and acts as a carrying case and red lens for your iPhone’s flash. Using the accompanying Monocle app, riders can adjust the flash per minute rate to save battery or get as much light as possible. The app sets vibration or sound notifications if your battery does get low — but just in case your phone bites the dust, the Monocle has a reflective strip that’s better than nothing at all. Our guess is that Monocle will have no problem getting their $8,000 goal on Kickstarter, but if you want to help out and get in on their special pre-order price of $12, hit ’em up now. The app is compatible with the iPhone 5, 4 and 4S, and the carrying case fits both “naked” iPhones or those with a slim case.

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