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The Desktop Monitor That Mac Users Love Has a Terrific New Trick

LG’s new line of UltraFine displays adds some radically different features.


Ahead of CES, LG has revealed its 2020 lineup of famed UltraFine displays. These 4K and 5K displays are hugely popular among Mac users: Not only does Apple sell LG’s UltraFine 4K and 5K displays on its website, but the displays are also among the desktop monitors in terms of industrial design and image quality. And the 2020 versions of these displays add something radically different: maneuverability.

The new UltraFine “Ergo” Displays have a new ergonomic arm that allows them to swivel around and give you the perfect viewing angle. The displays can swivel both horizontally (up to 280 degrees) and vertically (they can tilt up to 25 degrees), and yes this means that you can even swivel these new monitors to face backward, which is convenient if your desk is in the middle of a room and not against a wall, if you want.

But that’s not all. LG has seemingly taken some cues from the Samsung Space Monitor — which we named as one of our favorite tech products of 2019 — and given its new Ergo displays some features to minimize clutter and help you maximize productivity. Instead of a traditional base, the UltraFine Ergo displays clamp to the desk and therefore free-up more deskspace for the user (less clutter, basically). And there’s a USB-C One Cable solution — which, according to LG, “provides 4K imaging, fast data transfer and power for laptop charging through a single, convenient cable” — so you don’t have a bunch of miscellaneous cables plugged into the monitor.

Like before, the new UltraFine Ergo displays will be available in both 4K and 5K models. And as far as the actual picture quality, it’s largely the same. According to LG, the new monitors “inherits the stunning picture quality the UltraFine series is renowned for and more than meets the needs of most professionals thanks to its ability to produce high-resolution images with excellent detail, color reproduction and color accuracy.”

Details about pricing and availability have not been released yet, buy you can find more information by clicking the link below. We’ll update this post once we learn more.

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