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Design Spotlight: MOO NFC Business Cards

Trump Card


The humble business card is an antiquated yet necessary tool of business communication. Their simple swapping is a time honored tradition the world over, and not a form of etiquette that is likely to disappear. But in today’s digital world, taking the time to transfer those vitals to a useful place seems downright tedious. MOO NFC Business Cards aim to remedy cards’ place in our modern world.

Embedded with an NFC (near field communication) microchip and antenna, each card takes command of any NFC equipped smartphone it touches. With a simple tap, your card automatically transfers your info into a contact list. And it doesn’t end there — MOO lets you control the programming, so you’re no longer constricted to that 3.5 x 2 inch piece of card stock in your pocket. Show off your personal business savvy and flair: automatically call up your personal webpage, activate a map to your office, link to your social media pages, download your portfolio or even start playing a song or video. If serendipity strikes after your handshake, your info can be updated at any time, even for cards that have already found their way into others pockets. Oh, and yes Mr. Bateman, you can order them in Bone, with Silian Rail lettering.

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