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The Best Fitness Tech Innovations of CES 2020

Highlights include smart bike helmets, run-enhancing insoles and maybe, just maybe, a fitness tracker for dogs.


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On the surface, technology and fitness might not seem closely tied, but as the quest to live our best physical lives rolls on, the two worlds become inextricably linked. Nowhere is this connection more apparent than at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where brands unveil their latest efforts to help us get healthier and fitter. Some of the ideas are just fine, some are goofy and some are ahead of their time, but they all combine to move us forward. The following six tripped our sensors, for one reason or another, at this year’s show.

LIVALL Bling Helmet BH51M Neo

It’s not the first “smart helmet” to hit the market, but we dig the fact that LIVALL’s brain bucket offers a ton of handy tech while looking pretty streamlined and cool. Standout features include front and rear lights activated by built-in gravity acceleration sensors, turn signals controlled via a handlebar remote and walkie-talkie functionality to aid communication when riding with a group.

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We’ve gotta give NURVV points for creativity here. The brand has embedded 32 precision sensors into a pair of insoles with the goal of helping runners improve their form to go faster and risk less injury. The sensors capture data 1,000 times per second and pair with an app to provide realtime feedback on factors like cadence, step length, footstrike, pronation and balance. At £250 ($327), they are pricy, but who knows? Maybe a big running shoe company will buy the tech and start integrating.

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Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep 2 Headband

Assuming you can get used to sleeping with a giant headband, this streamlined update to the original Deep Sleep Headband promises to make sleep more restorative by triggering quiet audio tones that boost the quality of “slow wave sleep” (a.k.a. deep sleep). There’s also an app-paired sleep tracker (of course), and Philips says 80 percent of testers report positive results within two weeks of use. And that’s not even including the bonus feature: we can’t imagine this thing stirring anyone’s ardor, so it doubles as birth control!

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Samsung GEMS

File GEMS (“Gait Enhancing & Motivating System”), unveiled in 2019, under “ahead of its time.” The exoskeleton was designed to provide walking assistance and/or resistance, but Samsung rolled it back out this year as a potential home workout device, complete with a holographic personal trainer. We’re not quite ready to strap on this harness, a pair of AR glasses and a Galaxy smartwatch just to do lunges, but it lays the groundwork for more feasible options down the road.

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Suunto 7

Suunto consistently makes burly and reliable sports watches, but as our own Oren Hartov noted in a story yesterday, the Suunto 7 is a bit of a departure. This watch seeks to blend sports watch functionality (offline maps, 70+ sport modes, GPS tracking) with a more accessible, lifestyle-y aesthetic (customizable faces, interchangeable straps) that won’t look out of place with a suit or at least a blazer. So far, so good.

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Whistle FIT

Finally, a Fitbit for dogs!

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