Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

Wear your heart on your wrist


Beyond catering to the fitness obsessed, this wonder watch would have been useful during that little apoplexia-inducing turkey feast we like to call Thanksgiving. Known as the Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor, this wristwatch on steroids “senses” the amount of blood under your skin and replies with a digital readout of your heart rate. Through research with Philips, Mio has managed to create a product that’s EKG accurate, even during high-intensity exercises. What they’ve also managed is a sleek design — it’s no Jaeger-LeCoultre, to be sure, but it’s better than that calculator watch you sported in 6th grade.

The ex-Kickstarter (it passed its goal with flying colors, and will be out soon) pairs nicely with your smartphone and can be used with any fitness app that takes chest strap analytics. Even without an app, though, the Mio Alpha’s continuous readout is perfect for maintaining a steady heart rate while training or exercising. A data review setting, clock, timer and adjustable heart rate zones with audible alarms round out this useful ticker tool.

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