Now’s The Time to Support Photographers By Buying a Print (or Three)

As purse strings tighten and travel restrictions continue, photographers have been left stuck scrambling to figure out what a 1099 livelihood looks like in April 2020.


Here at Gear Patrol, we have been riding out the COVID 19 pandemic by working remotely, beaming into the “office” from everywhere from Florida to Vermont. It isn’t business as usual, but we’re still publishing. For millions, of course, this isn’t the case. And one group that’s particularly close to our hearts — and mine specifically as Deputy Photo Editor — is freelance photographers.

As purse strings tighten and travel restrictions continue, photographers have been left stuck scrambling to figure out what a 1099 livelihood looks like in April 2020. One answer is selling prints, which presents you with the opportunity to support quality art and quality artists while simultaneously sprucing the walls in your “home office” that you’ll be staring at quite a bit.

Here are some of our favorite photographers (including some Gear Patrol alums), who are selling prints of their stellar shots. And, of course, any photographer you admire will appreciate your support in these trying times. To top it all off, Simply Framed — our mail-in framer of choice — offers a 10 percent discount for Gear Patrol readers using the code GEARPATROL.

Amy Shore

A prolific, UK-based car photographer, Amy Shore is offering 10% off her huge selection of prints right now using the code NEWSHOP10 (but only until 4/29 so act quick). To learn more about Amy, read our profile on her here.

Buy Now: Here Follow Amy On Instagram: Here

Brenden Clarke

Formerly a multimedia producer at Gear Patrol, Brenden has a variety of prints as well as his recently published book “Above The Midnight Half” — diving into the world of unsanctioned running races in New York City — available for sale.

Buy Now: Here Follow Brenden On Instagram: Here

Bret Curry

A Los Angeles based cinematographer and photographer, Bret has a whopping 60 prints up for sale shot on film and digital ranging from stark landscapes to more abstracted studies of architecture and neon.

Buy Now: Here Follow Bret On Instagram: Here

Chris Delorenzo

You’ve likely seen Chris’s work in Gear Patrol. He shot the cover for the second issue of our print magazine, among others. Head to his newly-minted print site for hydro-centric abstracts and landscapes available up to gigantic 40x60s.

Buy Now: Here Follow Chris On Instagram: Here

David Zhsu

David’s a New York City based photographer who fired up a print sale in response to current events. Head there for affordable prints of everything ranging from landscapes to motorcycles.

Buy Now: Here Follow David On Instagram: Here

Growl Bros

You’ve seen Justin Weaver and Chris McClure’s work on Gear Patrol when they shot a story on climbing (and biking down) the tallest volcano in the world. They’re running a print sale and will be donating $50 of each print to either the Atlanta-based The Giving Kitchen or No Kid Hungry.

Buy Now: Here Follow Growl On Instagram: Here

Jeremy And Claire Weiss

Claire and Jeremy, collectively known as Day19, are posting a print per day of their past work (think everything from David Lynch to Icelandic Horses) with each print sale’s proceeds going to a specific small business in need of help. Check out their Instagram feed for daily updates and support some local businesses!

Buy Now: Here Follow Jeremy & Claire On Instagram: Here

Lauren Segal

Lauren worked with Gear Patrol most recently when she shot a profile of polymath cookbook author Nathan Myhrvold for the magazine. Her recently-launched print shop has a wide variety of options, but we’re partial to the travel cityscapes.

Buy Now: Here Follow Lauren On Instagram: Here

Megan Baker

Based in Austin, Texas, Megan Baker is going above and beyond and running a pay-what-you-can print sale whose proceeds are going entirely to Austin-based freelance artists and service industry workers affected by COVID-19 disruptions. Pretty much everything on her site/Instagram is available.

Buy Now: Here Follow Megan On Instagram: Here

Molly Steele

Molly is selling a variety of open- and limited-edition prints on her site but is also running a pair (currently) of flash sales on Instagram.

Buy Now: Here Follow Molly On Instagram: Here

River Jordan

River is a prolific photographer who’s shot for everything from Filson to Nike and is running a print shop full of insanely gorgeous landscapes.

Buy Now: Here Follow River On Instagram: Here

Roman Spataro

On April 6th, Roman Spataro is launching a publication called “Home Before The Harvest” and associated prints.

Buy Now: Here Follow Roman On Instagram: Here

Steven Clouse

Steven’s print shop is full of pastel, geometric prints but the real magic lies in the “Custom Print” option where you can head to his Instagram and pick anything that stands out.

Buy Now: Here Follow Steven On Instagram: Here

Wyatt Clough

Wyatt’s main work is video but he’s selling a photo zine shot in Tokyo exploring the city’s quiet suburbs. The zine’s the main attraction but there are four beautiful prints to compliment it.

Buy Now: Here Follow Wyatt On Instagram: Here

Bonus: Holly Tyler

While not a photographer, Holly’s outdoor (and cycling) specific illustrations are worth calling out as a fantastic way to commemorate a race or a favorite bike (or cyclist!).

Buy Now: Here Follow Holly On Instagram: Here

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