McIntosh's New Super Amplifier Is All Sorts of Overkill

The MC1502 has a suggested retail price of $11,000.

mcintosh mc1502 amplifier

McIntosh just announced a new stereo amplifier, the MC1502, that's designed for serious audiophiles with seriously deep pockets. It has a suggested retail price of $11,000. So while most of us won't ever get up close and personal with the McIntosh MC1502, it's still one heck of a machine to look at it.

The McIntosh MC1502 is a direct replacement for McIntosh's limited-produced and award-winning MC2152 amplifier, and is very similar it audio specs and capabilities. It's capable of shelling out 150-watts per channel, and is decked out with eight KT88 output vacuum tubes (four for each channel) and eight smaller signal tubes. The difference between the MC1502 and the older MC2152, according to McIntosh, is that the new amplifier has a more "classic" McIntosh appearance: meaning tactile knobs, black-and-steel accents and a florescent green glow.

The great thing about this $11,000 vacuum tube amplifier is that, thanks to McIntosh's patented Unity Coupled Circuit output transformer technology, it can basically drive any speakers you have, no matter their impedance. So if you a fancy home hi-fi system and if you're wondering if this amp can drive your loudspeakers, the answer is "yes." And at $11,000, it better!

The McIntosh Mc1502 vacuum tube amplifier will be available later this month.

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