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Fender’s New App Just Made Learning Songs Much Easier

Practice, play, perform.


Fender Songs is a new app that makes learning songs much easier. Synched with Apple Music, the app allows players to learn chords and play along with millions of songs. It utilizes an algorithm programmed with a knowledge of music theory to create basic chord charts which are then verified by trained musicians.

The app offers three stages for each song. Practice Mode gives a static overview of the song with chord changes above the lyrics. Play Along streams the song while the chord chart and lyrics scroll in real-time (when first learning a song, users can slow the track down to make difficult chord changes easier). In Performance mode, users can view chord changes and lyrics while recording themselves on their own device to refer to later or upload to Youtube or Instagram.

Fender Songs is beneficial to artists, too — the app ensures artists and songwriters are paid fairly. Currently, users can sign up at $5 per month for the app or $42 for a 12-month subscription. If you opt for the latter, you’ll also get the perk of 10 percent off any guitars, amps or gear on Fender’s site.

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