Blackbird Rider Guitar

Carbon Fiber Steel String Guitar


A guitar fit for Michael Knight himself.

Who says guitars always have to be made of wood? Not Blackbird, that’s for sure. The Blackbird Rider is an acoustic steel string guitar that’s compact with full-bodied sound. It actually uses a second soundhole at the head of the guitar to provide stereo sound through it’s hallow neck. The carbon fiber construction, is just like any other carbon fiber – weatherproof, virtually indestructible, and extremely light.

As you can imagine, the Blackbird Rider isn’t cheap. It’s $1599 direct from the manufacturer made-to-order so no one can deny its absolute uniqueness. Like you, right? From order to receipt, the manufactuering process takes approximately 6-8 weeks so plan your next instrument accordingly. A nylon string acoustic is also available for $1899.

Cost: $1599 @ Blackbird

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