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The Best Monitor Stands to Upgrade Your Home Office

A monitor stand not only helps your productivity and overall health. It can make your workspace look pretty darn cool.

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Tucker Bowe

Still think your desktop is better off without a stand? Think again. A good stand elevates your screen, which helps with posture and overall productivity; it improves air circulation so your computer doesn’t overheat; and it can add storage to your desk, organizing your pens, notebooks, paperclips and EDC — or just hide them altogether.

Given that most of us have been working from home for a good while (and will likely continue to be doing so for the foreseeable future), it's important to make sure your home office looks nice — and a desktop stand can definitely help with that, too.

What to Look for

Size: The length and depth of the stand is vital because you want to make sure it fits your monitor as well as anything else you want to have level with it, such as another monitor (for a dual-monitor setup) or a pair of computer speakers.

Organization: A monitor stand can be a useful means of storage to help declutter your desk, but not everyone is blessed with drawers, shelves and other compartments.

Height: You want a stand that raises your monitor to as close to eye level as possible. This will help straighten out your spine and ensure that you have good posture throughout the day.

Design and materials: These are the two factors that will have the biggest impact on price. High-quality materials and hand craftsmanship cost more. But heck, a beautiful workspace is worth it, right?

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How We Tested
best monitor stands
Gear Patrol

In this new age of remote work, we at Gear Patrol have been looking for ways to improve home offices — and testing a wide variety of monitor stands is a great way to start. We've had hands-on experience will all of the below monitor stands and they're all quite a bit different. Some are more organizational, some are more for aesthetics, and some are designed to fit a more robust work station. Make sure to pick one that fits your style, needs and budget.

Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand
Grovemade Desk Shelf
Twelve South Curve Riser
Twelve South
Now 19% off
Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub
Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser
Twelve South HiRise Pro
Twelve South
Monoprice Workstram Monitor Stand
Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser
Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm
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