The Best of 2014: Timekeeping & Watches

These are our best Timekeeping stories of 2014.


A lot happened in 2014, from the legalization of marijuana in Colorado to the beginning of normal diplomatic relations with Cuba. Of course, all of the really big happenings and news had absolutely nothing to do with us. But in our little nook of the universe, we did manage to have an awful lot of fun. We drove the McLaren 650S, grilled up a pin-bone sirloin and put on some fancy new cologne — and that was all in, like, one afternoon. (We also explored everywhere from Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail to the Highlands of Scotland.) So to remind ourselves of the year that was, and to share all that our crew has seen and learned, we’re doing a retrospective on the year’s best stories, from buying guides and product tests to photo essays and original videos. These are the 14 best Timekeeping pieces of 2014.

The Asian Watch Issue

By Various: Okay, we’re cheating. This is an issue of five articles dedicated to the timepieces of the Far East, with opinions on Chinese-made watches, a roundup of great Seiko divers and a chronograph that may surprise you. Read More »

A Visit to Villeret

By Jason Heaton: Last winter, GP’s Jason Heaton made the trip to Villeret, where Montblanc still builds watches the old fashioned way at their historic Minerva factory. Read More »

The Best Watches of SIHH 2014


By Jason Heaton: The annual SIHH extravaganza is pure eye candy for watch lovers. We took on the difficult task of choosing the best of the best and here they are. Read More »

How to Read a Bezel

By Ed Estlow: That bezel on your dive watch or chronograph can track dive time, a car’s speed or the distance of lightning. How? Read on and find out. Read More »

A History of Olympic Timekeeping

By Ed Estlow: 2014 was an Olympic year. We look back at the progression of precision timekeeping at the Games. Read More »

The British Watch Issue

By Various: Another five-article issue, this one focuses on the resurgent British watchmaking industry, from Bremont all the way back to John Harrison and the invention of the marine chronometer. Read More »

Five Best Rose Gold Watches

By James Stacey: Gold is back! No longer the symbol of Florida retirees, gold, particularly rose gold, is popular again. Here are five of the best rose gold timepieces. Read More »

The Best of BaselWorld 2014


By Various: We went to the grand-daddy of all watch fairs and whittled over 10,000 new watches down to our 12 favorites. Read More »

A Guide to Vintage Watch Buying on eBay

By Jason Heaton: Vintage watches are hot these days and the hunt is half the fun. But it can be daunting. Here’s a primer on how to find a great deal without losing your shirt. Or your pride. Read More »

A Guide to Military Watches

By Shane Griffin: There’s just something about watches designed for and issued to military divers, pilots and soldiers. We give an overview of some of the most significant ones from history. Read More »

Why the Watch Case Matters

By Jason Heaton: With watches, most of the attention goes to the movement. But that’s only half the story. Great skill in the design and manufacturing of a watch case can be equally interesting as what’s inside, or more so. Here’s why. Read More »

Testing the Cartier Calibre Diver

By Jason Heatom: One of the most surprising, and significant, releases of 2014 was Cartier’s Calibre Diver. We got our hands on one for a long term review. Read More »

A History of Breitling Pilot’s Watches

By Jan Tegler: Breitling is best known for its long history of pilot’s watches, and rightly so. From the Navitimer to the Aerospace, these high-flying timepieces have set the standard. Read More »

Building the Perfect Hypothetical Watch

By Jason Heaton: Watch geeks love talking about the best bits from different timepieces. We took it step further, building a “Frankenwatch” from the best of the best. Read More »

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