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Skagen Titanium Case On Black Mesh

A Small Classy Watch for a Small Price


Before I ever knew my fellow Gear Patrol watch fiend editors, Skagen always appealed to me as a brand for two reasons. As someone cursed with chicken wrists, their thin casing and small faces fit my arm well. Secondly, the entire line’s minimalist styling always seemed to give off a classy sleek look that belied their actual price tag. Now that I’ve been somewhat properly educated by those who know what they’re talking about, part of me understands that holding on to these opinions will forever be a tell tale sign that my tastes in time pieces will never match that of a true connoisseur.

Really though, this doesn’t bother me much, and I will always value this very watch for snapping me out of my refusal to wear one in the first place. Enter, my Skagen Titanium Black Mesh 233XLTMB. Draped in basic black and featuring Skagen’s signature mesh band, I barely notice the shiny ion plated black, lightweight titanium case on my arm (and to me that’s a good thing). It’s easy to read time off the dial’s 12 chrome and white luminous numbered indicators and hands; not to mention it looks great and goes well with just about every outfit I can throw at it. So what if the Dane’s may not hold the craftsmen clout of the Swiss? There’s plenty of time to agonize over whole pay check plowing proposition for a timepiece in my future. For now though, I’ll keep enjoying my $140 Skagen.

Cost: $140

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