We Love Dive Watches

Sure, you don’t need a dive watch, but the bulky, deep-dwelling tool watch makes for a great, casual timepiece.


You don’t need a dive watch. You likely won’t encounter more than a light rain shower or a dip in the sink in everyday life. And if you actually dive, you have a dive computer. But you want a dive watch. Dive watches are big, they’re bold, they’re durable, and the best ones tend to turn their bulky exteriors into a handsome, rugged sculpture of stainless steel, ceramic and luminescence for your wrist. Herein lies a guide to our favorites.

Is This the Most Capable Purpose-Built Wristwatch Ever Made?

In 1975, after seven years of development, Seiko introduced a dive watch that would change the category forever.

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These Dirt-Cheap Dive Watches Are Perfect for Summer

Eight great watches with dirt-cheap price tags, tough cases and great looks to boot. If you’re looking for a beater watch, start here.

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A Beloved ’70s Dive Watch Returns

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 pays faithful tribute to its legendary forebear, the alpha male of 1960s dive watches.

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Dive Watches Through the Decades

The 1940s through the 1980s was the heyday of dive watch design. Here are the five best watches that harken back to that period.

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The Beloved Seiko Dive Watch, Reimagined 3 Ways

We asked three top watch modders to make the classic Seiko SKX007 Dive Watch their own.

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