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Watchmaking’s Newest Trend Is… the Color Gray?

An increasingly popular color choice, slate gray seems to work with any conceivable wardrobe.


The black watch dial is ubiquitous for a reason: it’s subtle and goes well with anything. The white dial is great too: it doesn’t clash with anything either, though it tends to pop out (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Same deal with silver. Blue-dialed watches have also grown in popularity, and while they’re a breath of fresh air from a sea of mostly black and white options, their subtlety and versatility should be taken on a case-by-case basis. But there’s a new watch dial color in town, and it seems to have a bit of everything: slate gray.

Gray is, surprisingly, a do-it-all color. Its earthy tone fits both brown and black leather straps and wears well with any attire; its shimmer stands out ever so slightly. Since it’s a relatively unused color, it’ll make you look all the more “discerning.” Many high-end watch brands have been embracing the color as of late, particularly at this year’s SIHH luxury watch fair — but you’ll find it on anything from an Orient to a Vacheron Constantin.

Bambino 4 by Orient $299

Big Crown ProPilot by Oris $970

Meister by Junghans $1,230

Clifton Dual Time by Baume & Mercier $1,699

Oyster Perpetual 39 by Rolex $5,700

Type 1R by Ressence $18,165

Patremony Perpetual Calendar by Vacheron Constantin Learn More

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