Seiko Is Making an Apple Watch (Just Not the Kind You’re Thinking)

The one catch: you can only buy it in Japan.

Last year, an anonymous-looking quartz Seiko from the ’80s — the kind of watch you’d normally find on eBay or at a yard sale for about $25 — sold at auction for over $42,000. Why? It was Steve Jobs’ very own watch, worn in the iconic Norman Seeff portrait later used on the cover of Time. Now, Seiko is partnering up with Japanese fashion retailer Nano Universe to bring the watch back as a limited edition. There’s only one problem: you can only buy it in Japan.

The modern iteration is very faithful to the original. The watch is still powered by quartz, and the minimalist dial and hand design are nearly identical to Jobs’, as is the black stainless steel case. The watch comes available in two dial colors: white (the color worn by Jobs) and black. It’s a scant 6.6mm thick and comes in two case diameters: 33mm (the same as the original) and a more modern 37.5mm, for those who aren’t into tiny timepieces. Both sizes of the white-dialed watch will receive a limited production of 1,982 pieces each, while both black variants will only come in runs of 300 each.

As with any Seiko, the price is pretty damn reasonable — 20,000 yen, or around $180. That, however, doesn’t include your ticket to Tokyo to buy it. The watch goes on sale March 10, though don’t expect it to be around long.

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