Zenith Made a Car-Branded Watch We Actually Like

The designers did more than just slap on a Range Rover badge.

Automotive-branded watches generally tend to be half-assed attempts to slap a car badge and a high(er) price tag on a timepiece and call it a day. Zenith and Land Rover, however, have been doing things a bit differently. Last year, the two brands unveiled a Range Rover special edition El Primero that went a bit further than adding a Range Rover badge (though they did that too).

Now, with the unveiling of the new Range Rover Velar in Geneva, Zenith, too, has taken the wraps off a new special edition to celebrate it, designed with input from Land Rover’s designers and engineers. Like the last Range Rover watch, the case here is made from “ceramicized aluminum,” a nod to the Velar’s aluminum construction. Further, the watch features a brushed slate gray dial and copper-toned hands and accents that mimic the copper-colored trim accents on the Velar. The watch comes on a strap made from the same kind of leather used in Range Rover interiors with perforations that form the shape of little Union Jacks, because British.

Notably, this new version, unlike the last Range Rover El Primero, doesn’t feature any Range Rover branding on the dial (instead, it’s engraved on the case back). This is a small change that makes a huge improvement, letting the unique details of the watch speak for themselves.

Buy Now: $8,700

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