G-Shock's Affordable Steel Watches Just Keep Getting Better

Suffused with the brand's latest durability-boosting tech, these G-Steel watches offer premium features and a refined design.

casio g shock g steel

Made famous by its incredibly durable plastic cases, G-Shock has ironically found success with watches in steel: Even before it rendered its classic models in metal, Casio introduced its MRG and G-Steel series, which have continued to evolve. The new GSTB300 represents further refinement of the concept, and it looks pretty damn good.


New to the line are recent G-Shock innovations including its Carbon Core Guard Structure, which claims to make the famously tough watches even tougher and more lightweight. Casio has recognized the need to make these watches thinner and more wearable, and though the GSTB300 measures 50mm wide, it's a relatively reasonable 14.5mm thick. Equipped with an ana-digi display, each model has strong legibility with lumed hands and includes premium features like Tough Solar and bluetooth connectivity.

Prices for the GSTB300 —which is available in four versions — start at a reasonable $300 on a rubber strap and go up to $500 for the GSTB300E version, which comes on a steel bracelet but also includes a couple swappable strap options.

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