One name is synonymous with tough watches more than any other: G-SHOCK. Since 1983, the brand has been designing watches to endure maximum abuse in the most demanding environments. The new G-STEEL GSTB300S-1A is no different, though in comparison to some of G-SHOCK's other watches it appears decidedly refined. With premium touches like a stainless steel bezel and a soft urethane band, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this watch was better suited to days at your desk.

But you’d be wrong — the GSTB300S-1A is every bit as capable as G-SHOCK’s other watches. We took a deep dive into each of the GSTB300S-1A's features, and even put them to the test for ourselves.

  • Case Diameter: 51mm
  • Case/Bezel Material: Carbon/Stainless Steel
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Power Reserve: 6 months
  • Strap Material: Resin Band
  • Water Resistance: 200m

    Buy Now: $330

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    Gear Patrol Studios

    Carbon Core Guard

    On the durability front, the GSTB300S-1A features G-SHOCK’s unique Carbon Core Guard — a carbon fiber-reinforced resin structured case that wraps around the module and extends to the button guards, protecting the watch from whatever you can throw at it. It's an extra layer of protection, allowing you to wear your watch uninhibited, knowing that it can stand up to the rigors of your day-to-day.

    From Our Tester: Luckily, our tester didn't have to put the Carbon Core Guard tech to the full test (despite wearing it for everything from working from home, hikes, bike rides and walking the dog). But what was immediately noticeable to our tester was the watch's surprisingly light weight — no doubt a factor of the carbon structure. It also didn't add any bulk or heft to the watch, something our tester appreciated when wearing the watch every day.

    g steel
    Gear Patrol Studios

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    At first glance, the GSTB300S-1A looks like many of G-SHOCK's other analog digital watches, but hidden behind the dial and beneath the Carbon Core Guard structure is a surprising amount of connectivity. The watch leverages Bluetooth low-energy to send a signal to the G-SHOCK Connected app on your smartphone. From there, you can adjust settings like alarms, timers and a World Time function with up to 300 cities (which will automatically update when paired with your smartphone). And with G-SHOCK's Tough Solar power capabilities, you never have to worry about charging it.

    From Our Tester: Right from the start, our tester remarked how easy it was to pair the watch to G-SHOCK's app; simply hold down the knurled button at three o'clock until the seconds hand points to the word "Connect" at 10 o'clock, open the app and select the watch that you want to pair with. The connection is fast, and our tester had no problem pairing the GSTB300S-1A with a variety of smartphones.

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    Front LED Button

    For those familiar with G-SHOCK's G-STEEL line, it won't come as much of a surprise that the GSTB300S-1A includes a double LED light that brightly illuminates the watch face — radiating out from between the seven and eight o'clock positions. But what the GSTB300S-1A does that others haven't, is put the button to activate those LEDs on the front of the watch — between the edge of the bezel and the strap at six o'clock. It’s the first G-STEEL model to include a front LED light button, which adds a healthy dose of usability and can illuminate at the flick of a wrist.

    From Our Tester: Our tester found that in most cases, G-SHOCK's Neobrite hands (which glow when under dim lighting) did more than enough to allow the watch to be read to check the time. But having the extra reassurance of the LED light — should any settings need to be changed, or should the stopwatch function come in handy after the sun goes down — was well worth with having.


      This isn’t a watch that you tuck away in your drawer, only to be worn on special occasions. This is the watch you wear every day, from the office, to a weekend away, to a night on the town. Whatever your day has in store, the GSTB300S-1A can handle it.