NOMOS Upgrades One of Our Favorite Affordable Watches

New size (37mm), new movement, new colors.


The NOMOS Club is now within reach for the most broke watch nerds. It retails for $1,550; drop your daily $3-fancy-coffee habit and you’ll have the funds in just over a year. This true “entry-level” feel to a high-end watch brand is something many consumers want more of, which makes the latest NOMOS news out of Baselworld 2017 — the dropping of a new NOMOS Campus line and an even better NOMOS Club Neomatik — even more exciting.

The new Neomatik Club has the same case shape (and slimness, at 9.27mm) and dial layout as the original Club. Its case diameter, however, is now 37mm, a sweet spot that the old model never hit (it’s available in 36mm, 38.5mm and 40mm). It’s available in a silver dial and a deep “Atlantik Blue,” both traditional in appearance, as well as two new, vibrant colors, “Signal Red” and “Signal Blue.” The Neomatik is so named because it uses a new version of NOMOS’s in-house movement: the DUW 3001, an automatic with a 42-hour power reserve that uses the brand’s Swing System escapement. These upgrades increase the cost, but the watch still ought to be tantalizingly in reach for those willing to save up. The silver dial version will retail for $3,040; the colored dials, $3,160.

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