Breitling Releases a Rare Gem

The brand joins an exclusive club: those who can make the rare rattrapante complication in-house.

Breitling has just joined a very small club of watchmakers that make a watch with a rattrapante. The complication is a form of chronograph with an additional seconds hand that allows you to record two times at once. It’s a difficult complication to make, and even though some watchmakers, like Habring2 and Sinn, have created (relatively) affordable rattrapante complications by using modified Valjoux 7750 movements, it’s not often you find one for around $11,000.

Not to mention, this isn’t a modified ebauche at all, but rather, an in-house movement. The Breitling B03 movement that ticks away inside the 45mm case was developed entirely by the brand, beats at 28,000 bph and has a 70-hour power reserve. Two versions will be available: one in steel ($11,090), and a 250-piece limited edition in solid red gold ($32,895).

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