This Watch from Longines Is for Pioneering Spirits


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Classic watches are generally designed for a specific purpose or profession — scuba diving or flying a plane, for example. Longines made a name for itself as a watchmaker by engineering a few key features for flight pilots, explorers and pioneers. On top of its precise accuracy, details such as the oversized winding crown for adjusting with gloves on, or the prominent, high-contrast numerals and luminescent hands for better night visibility made Longines the go-to brand for pioneer aviators literally all around the world. The brand's Spirit Watch has all the same iconic features that made the original so unique, as well as the nuance and attention-to-detail that you'd expect from a modern watchmaker. Read more about the finer details of the Longines Spirit Watch below.

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Crowning Achievement: The crown of the Spirit Watch features a subtle blend of textures, with microblasted and polished metals as well as an embossed Longines logo. The easy-to-wear metal bracelet balances out the sophistication of the dial, adding a sporty touch that makes this watch an easy choice for everyday wear.


Aesthetic Cohesion: From the metal case and bracelet to the outer dial flange, Longines' Spirit Watch was designed with an eye for balance and cohesion. Highlighted stars and precise lettering convey an essential sense of accuracy that pioneer wearers would have needed for survival, and the pleasantly contrasting textures ensure increased readability.


Five Stars, Six Screws: It may not seem like such a big deal to the layman, but when you're designing an incredibly precise instrument, the pieces need to fit together, well... precisely. Longines' six screw caseback is more than an aesthetic hallmark of the brand — it ensures the caseback is well-oriented and secure.

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