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The Future of G-Shock is Clear

Now you can get 5600, the DW6900, and GA110 G-Shocks in translucent camo prints. What else does one need from life?

g shock transluscent metal bezel watches

Do you ever wake up in the night, cold and sweaty, realizing that what's missing from your world is a white, camouflaged G-Shock? Regardless of how you answered that question, said watches have arrived.

The new G-Shock 5600, DW6900, and GA110 models are here, and they're hard to miss. (Easy to miss? Both?) Featuring laser-engraved camouflage metal bezels and translucent, camouflage-printed bands, these new digital watches are perfect for blending into the urban jungle. (In winter.)

g shock translucent 5600 series

Whether you're into the original 5600-series' square case or the more modern 5600 or 110's forged metal bezel, there's a disappearing G-Shock for you. Each watch features an LE backlight and all the usual suite of G-Shock goodies: multiple alarms, stopwatches, time zones, etc, etc. The GM110SCM-1A ($230) and the GM5600SCM-1 and GM6900SCM-1 ($210 each) will be available online this month from G-Shock's website and from select G-Shock retailers.

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