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Watches Our Staff Want to See Made in 2021

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

watches we want to see in 2021
Gear Patrol

Covering the watch market is largely reactionary, of course — watch companies make stuff, and then we write about it.

But not today. Today we're going to imagine the watches we want to see, from thinner GMTs to chronograph versions of time-only watches we love and more. We fully realize that most of these watches will never see the light of day....and we don't care! So here goes nothin:

The Unimatic U2-C Chronograph

watches we want to see in 2021
A photoshop mockup of what could be.
Gear Patrol

All day I dream, but today specifically I am dreaming big. I’m imagining a Unimatic U2 series field watch turned into a two-register chronograph, maybe even with a mechanical movement (remember: I am dreaming). The 38.5mm case is the perfect size and the unique UFO shape of the U2 would make it quite out of this world. -Hunter Kelley, Associate Designer

A 39mm x 12.5mm Tudor Black Bay GMT

watches we want to see in 2021

(I know. I know.) But really: why not? They can do it. They have the technology. Why this obnoxiously thick, oversized case for such a cool watch? Why not just make it, you know — wearable. Everything else about it is perfect. Just shrink it. Put it in the Watch Shrinking Machine that I just know Rolex has in some dark Geneva vault beneath the Jet D'eau. -Oren Hartov, Associate Editor

A New Rolex Explorer

watches we want to see in 2021

Not the Explorer II, but the Explorer. Rolex typically focuses on one line for its major releases each year, and the humble Explorer is due for an upgrade. It's a chance not only to give it a more modern movement as other functionally identical watches have received, but some thoughtful tweaks would help it emerge from the shadows of its limelight-stealing siblings. I suggest a honeycomb dial like the first Explorer model had back in 1953. And keep the size exactly where it is at 39mm. It's kind of a waste to have a great Rolex sport watch with a compelling story just sitting on the back shelf. -Zen Love, Staff Writer

A Full-Metal Casio A700W-1A

watches we want to see in 2021

Casio has a whole host of fun digital watches that are metal and another that merely look like it, but I'm still waiting -- hoping, praying -- for the true sweet spot to arrive. I dabbled with the World Time and its subpar spray-paint-silver resin before upgrading to the A700W-1A, which hides its resin behind a more convincing mirror finish and has some actual stainless steel….on the back. But resin is resin, and it dents and scratches no matter how nice it looks. Unfortunately, Casio's main metal-case offerings like the A1000 and various all-metal G-Shocks don't sport the same simple retro style I'm looking for. Please, just give me an all metal A700W-1A! I'll pay handsomely! -Eric Limer, Editor

Iron Man Gauntlet Watch

watches we want to see in 2021

I want Tony Stark's nanotech watch seen in Captain America: Civil War. I'm not sure if it can tell time, but considering it's bulletproof and can fire sonic bolts and blinding bursts of light to incapacitate super-soldiers...that seems like a sacrifice I can live with. -Will Sabel Courtney, Editor

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